Sam Worthington’s ‘Clash of the Titans’ New Trailer

While we wait to see if his Oscar nominated film Avatar takes home an Academy Award for Best Picture on March 7th, there’s a new trailer to check out of Sam Worthington’s next upcoming 3-D project Clash of the Titans. This is a remake of a 1981 version which was a very big deal in its time for special effects. From the looks of the trailer the film promises to wow with special effects for this century as well. 

Worthington plays Perseus, “the song of a god with the heart of a man” who is out to save the world from stuff. In the trailer (watch it after the jump) it sounds like he kept the accent and will be an Australian Perseus.  It also looks like there’s no g-string this time. The film will be released on  April 2, 2010.

Here’s Worthington doing some shopping today in Bondi Beach, Syndney and with his girlfriend at the Sydney Airport in Sydney, Australia yesterday.