Sam Worthington Wears G-Strings

The ongoing debate as to what underwear men prefer, either boxers or briefs, can easily be summed up for sexy Australian, Sam Worthington, in one answer. Neither. But, before your bedroom eyes and carnal imagination start to rage in Sam’s direction, his lack of pants was a necessity for filming Avatar, which released nationwide today.
You’d think with a budget of 250 million I-don’t-care-about-the-recession dollars, James Cameron could splurge a little on the cast’s wardrobe, but according to Sam, “We were wearing nothing but a lace g-string…and a weird wig.”
Mmm, kinky. 
Sam claims the lack of wardrobe was of course all for the sake of “research” to prepare for the role and if that’s the case then I suggest Robert Pattinson had better take Sam’s lead on this for his next movie. Matter of fact, Taylor Lautner, you take notes too. And Kellan Lutz…and…Paul Walker..and…this list could go on for days.
Gallery Info: Sam Worthington arrives at LAX on 12/16/09