Sam Worthington To Reprise Role In Schwarzenegger’s ‘Commando’

Sam Worthington has become quite the go-to guy when it comes to new found action films. After playing in roles like Terminator Salvation, Avatar, and Clash Of The Titans, he has made a name for himself. But mostly, chicks just dig his killer bod.

Now Worthington is set to reprise the 1985 hit Schwarzenegger role in the new version of Commando. It was announced in April that David Ayers who also directed Training Day will be taking on the film. Producers will try to portray a ‘real world’ take on an old classic. Who cares what the damn thing is about as long as Sam has his shirt off and is shooting the shit out of bad guys?

Even so, they say that Sam Worthington is a sweet heart, despite his pension for grit and muscle. Seen here arriving at LAX airport wearing a hoodie and hopping into the back of a taxi on August 15th, I’ll take him any way really.