Sam Lutfi Remembers When Britney Spears And Her Matted Weave Used To Buy Him Any Lighter He Wanted

Wow, weave #34. That was some genuine horsehair. Here’s a snap of Sam Lutfi back in the good ole’ days when he was drugging Britney Spears and using her money to buy any sort of item at the gas station he wanted. It was all Slim Jims, Blow-Pops, Durex condoms, Seventeen magazine and those fake roses that when you open them are actually panties. No, they seriously make those. I’ve seen them. Panty roses! Sam Lutfi says he’s “cooperating” with Britney’s family’s efforts to keep his ass away from her.

Lawyers for Lutfi and Brit’s family met in court, as the judge extended the restraining order against him until July 31. He has been ordered by the courts to stay away from her since February.

“Sam and the family are communicating and cooperating trying to do what’s best for Britney,” Lutfi’s spokesman, Michael Sands, said.

Britney’s Mom Lynne Spears has accused Sam of giving her daughter Risperdal, a sleeping medication, and Seroquel, an anti-psychotic drug. Lutfi has admitted that he did give Britney a handful of sleeping pills, but says that she was down with it.

Sam’s probably been eating Ramen and not being able to afford male escorts since February and he’s looking forward to July when he can try and get his meal ticket back.

Here are some pics of Britney going to the gym. Stop laughing. Mean.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN