Sam Lutfi Agrees To Leave Britney Spears Alone For Another Month

March 17th, 2008 // 5 Comments

With the restraining order that was placed on him last month set to expire on Monday, Sam Lutfi has agreed to keep his distance from Britney Spears for yet another month. People magazine is reporting that Lutfi is consenting to this arrangement, in order to avoid facing off with Britney’s family in court. Sam has been accused by Britney’s mother of verbally abusing her daughter, as well as drugging her, claims which are being looked into by the LAPD.

Since Jamie Spears has taken control over his daughter’s affairs, he’s extricated Sam from Britney’s life and she has enjoyed numerous supervised visits with her sons. Additionally, she also had a guest spot on the sit-com, How I Met Your Mother.

Looks like Sam’s doing a lot more walking these days and a lot less sitting shotgun in someone else’s Mercedes. That makes me happy. This, however, just confuses me.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    Now THIS is a loser…pig.

  2. Julie

    Britney looks better than she has looked in a long time. If there is evidence of him drugging her, he should be charged. The report, written by her mom, makes it seem as if he was putting her in harms way. Just because she put the pills in her mouth doesn’t make him less responsible….especially if he was telling her she needed to take them so that she could see her children.

    Sick bastard. He reminds me of Howard Stern.

  3. WTF

    Shit she looks more drugged NOW than she ever did when Sam was around.

  4. Jen

    Look at him. Male Skank!

  5. Jen

    Look at him. Male Skank!

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