Sam lufti’s Under A Microscope

February 21st, 2008 // 6 Comments

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Watch out, Osama! The cops are on your pill trail! Sources are saying that their is indeed an investigation underway as to whether or not Sam lufti was drugging Britney Spears. I understand the constant prescence of Starbuck’s now. Brit’s parents don’t eff around though, huh? The case has been assigned to LAPD’s Robbery/Homicide division, due to the intense media speculation. And police are questioning several witnesses as to the presence of any drugs in Britney’s system when she was last committed. How are they going to see past all the weave glue she’s inhaled? That’s going to mess up the tests! The investigation will reportedly be resolved in March.

This is some total Hollywood glitz. You can’t write this stuff. When will Victor Newman realize that Osama lufti was drugging him, too! He didn’t have epilepsy. Sam was putting percocet in his Americano blend!

By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    Good! Clean house, Brit Brit! Get rid of all of em, and we’ll just pray your parents are being true and acting on behalf of your best interests. For all the people who have screwed you over and manipulated you, I hope you come out on top, find great happiness and peace, and make a great come-back. The best revenge is to live a great life.
    As for Sam Lutfi — if these allegations are true — prison seems like the right place.

  2. Girl Friday

    Go Brit! Get rid of all of them. Move yourself to a tropical island and move Fed-ex and the boys with you (but maybe in a separate house). Then put mines in the water so no one can get near you. Relax and get away from it all for a year or so. Then come back and make a COME BACK!

  3. Ronnie

    Any Y&R reference is good by me!

  4. Ken

    His name is Sam LUTFI, not Lufti. So sorry, but that’s been driving me nuts. And I agree with T-bone. Hopefully he will end up in prison.

  5. Cat

    Will be interesting to hear after the investagtion in March. Any cover ups on drugs hope not, put this bum in jail and pay a fine for doing this! Might add therpy for LUFTI!

  6. cosina

    Maybe he is responsible for Ji Min’s demise as well, but I think it is David Chow’s doing ;)

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