Sam Worthington Sports A Most Unsexy Airplane Outfit [PHOTOS]

'Clash Of The Titans'
The filmed premiered in March 2010.
Sam Worthington ranks high on my Dreamboat Scale alongside Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender, Jon Hamm and Armie Hammer, but what he wore for a flight out of LAX yesterday (March 20th) is the very opposite of dreamy.

I’m quite certain that Mr. Worthington couldn’t care less that I take offense to his airplane outfit, but socks, slip-on hiking boots and shorts do not a sexy man make.  You are Perseus!  Dress like it!

The otherwise adorable Wrath Of The Titans star recently revealed how naturally hairy he is.  “It looks like I’m fully clothed!  It’s like a brillo pad tuxedo,” Worthington told Empire Magazine (via the Belfast Telegraph), pointing out that his back is particularly hairy.  “You can ponytail that sh*t,” the star said with a laugh.  

*Makes a face and runs to the trash can*