Sam Lutfi Accuses Britney Spears Of Using Drugs In Court [PHOTOS]

These keywords make me very sad: Britney Spears, crystal meth, Sam Lutfi, court and hospitalization.

Spears’ former manager is suing the singer and X-Factor judge for the 15% of her earnings that she allegedly owes him, according to People.  It doesn’t stop there.  Luft is also suing Lynne Spears for talking smack about him in her 2008 book, Through The Storm and Jamie Spears for punching him the the chest.

Lutfi’s lawyer, Joe Schleimer said in his opening statement that Spears’ abuse of amphetamines led to her downward spiral.

“Most of the things that went wrong related to that habit,” Schleimer said. “My client sometimes spent 24 hours a day to prevent Britney from using drugs.” 

Lufti promised Spears that he would put together a “varsity team” of lawyers and agents to work for the singer, but he insisted she stop using drugs.  “I don’t want to be your manager when you overdose,” Lutfi supposedly told Spears.

In June 2007, Lufti brought in drug-sniffing dogs to clear Spears’ home where they located a bag of white powder.  The singer allegedly told Lutfi that it was crystal meth.  Dogs also found drug residue in her carpet, which Lutfi had torn out.

Spears’ lawyers will present their opening arguments today.