Sam Claflin Jokes About His Archery Skills: “I Was Better Than Katniss!” [VIDEO]

Catch a preview of the flick here!
Ladies, get ready to swoon.  Prince William (no, no.  Not that Prince William) rode gallantly towards Arundel Castle on his horse, prepared to sweep SOCIALITE LIFE off its feet.

Sam Claflin, who plays the dashing prince, spoke to Taryn Ryder about learning how to master archery, a romantic triangle and how he was dragged along a beach by a horse.  “I couldn’t hit anything if you pointed it out to me,” Claflin joked.  “I was asked to join the Olympic team, but I had to turn it down because I was busy.”

“He [Chris Hemsworth] jumped off his horse, looking so glamorous and sexy and rugged.  I had top-to-toe armor and tried to winch my leg over the horse’s head.  My other foot got caught in the stirrup as the horse dragged me along.  I didn’t think about slowing it down as I dismounted.  Face first into the floor, the director going “Carry on!  Just Keep going!  Don’t worry!”

Make sure to check out Snow White And The Huntsman in a theater near you on June 1st.