Sam Claflin Gets Shirtless In Hawaii And Frolics In The Waves

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Hey look guys, Sam Claflin decided to frolic around the beach without a shirt on for a while. If that doesn’t make your day better, then absolutely nothing will.

Sam headed out to the beach in Hawaii with his wife Laura Haddock by his side, and the pair had a blast playing in the surf and sand. How is it that his hair looks just as fabulous wet as it does dry? That’s just like, not even fair. 

To me, Sam will always be Finnick from The Hunger Games, being all intense and trying to kill people and stuff. It’s cool to see him relaxing, being a normal persona and not a dystopian world hero. Though both looks are pretty hot.

If he keeps it up, Sam is going to have even more weird, obsessive fans than he already does. I can’t say I blame them. He’s definitely a good one.

Also, does Sam look twenty-seven to you guys? To me he looks much younger. I think it’s his adorable face. He’s going to be one of those people who looks young forever.

If you’ve missed seeing Sam on the big screen have no fear. Sam’s new movie The Quiet Ones comes to theaters this friday. Another super intense film where people are probably dying for no reason. Sam seems to have found his niche.

If he takes his shirt off, I’ll watch anything he’s in. Take notes, movie directors. Give the people what they want.