Sam Claflin Continues To Soak Up The Sun In Hawaii With His Wife, Laura Haddock, While Making Funny Faces

Erin Cosgrove | April 29, 2014 - 1:45 pm

Fighting Words
It sounds like Sam is challenging someone to an archery battle.
For some reason I feel as though Sam Claflin has decided it’s fun to taunt us with his striking good looks and his great body.

Maybe he’s just trying to show off his stunning wife Laura Haddock. The possibilities are endless.

Throughout all of this, I’ve learned something very interesting about this actor.

See, you would think about being in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire he would know that you need to be completely prepared for this elements. When you’re in Hawaii, this includes the bright sun.

Even if you don’t want to get your sunglasses wet, it’s great to have them. We saw him last week making funny faces while out in the water. It was like seeing a penguin going away from its mother for the first time.

Now, in the midst of all the fun and games, he looks like he really needs to poop. Sunglasses save lives, Sam. Trust me.

Luckily his body distracts from his silly facial expressions. Continue to frolic, just do us all a favor and remain shirtless.

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