Salt-N-Pepa REUNITED! Cuz It Feels So Good!

Don’t you dare tease me like this! Don’t you dare show me it and then yank it away like I’m with an escort and he found out my debit card is empty. VH-1 has announced that “The Salt-N-Pepa Show” will feature Salt-N-Pepa reuniting and trying to work through their bullshit and if this means a new cd – sign me up. I never understood why they broke up, and why they just kinda faded away. Weren’t they on the top of their game? Shake ya thing, c’mon now shake it! We can get loose, but we can’t get nekkid! Uh, yeah I like “Salt-N-Pepa”.

“The Salt ‘N’ Pepa Show” will follow the duo as they attempt to reunite personally and professionally, which isn’t as easy as it may seem due to their unresolved issues and different lifestyles.

Salt, who has found God and enjoys the quiet life, is still angry about being unappreciated when they were together. Meanwhile, Pepa, who still loves to party, blames Salt for breaking up the group.

The show is expected to premiere in late 2007/early 2008.

Oh hold me up, I’m blacking out from the happy. Pepa has already been on VH-1 because she found herself in “The Surreal Life” house a couple of times. She did her time, now she’s set to ascend back to the heights of “Shoop”. My only concern is that Spinderella hasn’t been mentioned once. Where’s Spinderella? She’s not a fella, but a girl D.J.! Please tell me she isn’t booked for “Rock of Love” and can’t make it.

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