Salma Hayek Shows Off Her Massive Wedding Rock

Oblivious smoker Salma Hayek may not have gotten a honeymoon or
a big fancy wedding but on-again hubby Francois Henri Pinault more
than made up for it by purchasing a wedding ring the size and price of a private island.

The breasty actress looked ready to burst with excitement this morning as she
pretended not to notice that every single person at Paris Fashion Week was staring at her enormous new rock.

“She was kind of amused,” a guest said of
Salma’s response to the wedding congratulations showered upon her,
knowing they were secretly code for “nice work, girl!”  Meanwhile, Mr. Moneybags looked no less pleased with himself.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s
wearing the same dumb, proud expression a guy gives after you fake
an orgasm.  Only, there’s nothing fake about this tri-stoned masterpiece.  That thing is like a divine gift from Marilyn Monroe

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