Salma Hayek Produces

The actress turned television producer Salma Hayek has a hit on her hands. “Ugly Betty” was just picked up for the full television season because of the shows resounding success, which has a lot do with the incredible America Ferrera. Albeit, Salma isn’t one to sit on the sidelines for long. She’s be guest starring on another episode of “Ugly Betty” during the November sweeps.

This isn’t the first television show that Hayek has appeared on.

The last time Salma Hayek appreared on TV, Bill Clinton was in office and no one had ever heard of Ross and Rachel. The year was 1993 and the sitcom she briefly appeared on was called “The Sinbad Show,” which she was promptly written off of after only a few episodes.

Whatever happened to Sinbad?

More photos of Salma Hayek from Reebok’s 2006 Strength and Spirit Awards after the jump.

Salma Hayek To Guest Star on Ugly Betty [TV Cocktail]

Written by Lauren Burch

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