Salma Hayek Really Wanted A Baby Boy

Salma Hayek has recently admitted that having a baby girl was not her first choice. The voluptuous actress revealed to Glamour magazine, “I have something to confess, I wanted a boy.” Was it because she was feeling stingy and didn’t want to have to share the spotlight with a busty, silky-haired Salma 2.0? Not exactly.

She explained why she was experiencing trepidation about bringing a girl into this world, “I think women suffer more a bit more than boys, and there is always conflict between mother and daughters.” However, Salma went on to say that couldn’t happier that her daughter is in her life adding, “And I can’t imagine there ever being conflict between us, because I’m in a state of innocence where I love everything she does.”

Also, if her daughter ends up looking anything like her mother, I have a feeling she’ll be able to bypass at least some of that suffering.

Photos: WENN