Sally Kirkland Wants Attention


So that protest to free Paris actually took place, and crazy ass fashion explosion Sally Kirkland showed up leading the pack. She’s chock full of nuts and I’m sure has been roughed up by security trying to get onto the red carpet at supermarket openings.

Looking as if someone woke her up about five minutes before the protest, Miss Kirkland took the time to plead for prayers for Nicole Richie too, calling the wayward “Simple Life” stars her “angels.” Oh Lord! Kirkland, who’d worked with Paris and Nicole as an acting coach on the series, was interviewed alongside a mob of Paris supporters numbering at least half a dozen.

The talented, vagabondish actress then lead the protest into nearby streets, where she seemed lost in the confusion, or perhaps just confused. Paris’ lawyer, Richard Hutton, unseen by the protesters, happened upon the scene and could only shake his head in disbelief at the groundswell of support for the heiress/convict.

Why was there a need for an “acting coach” on a reality show? Was she on camera? I would have tuned in. Sally’s Oscar-nominated and no, it wasn’t for best crazy at an awards show. And if I’m ever described as “vagabondish” (i.e. homeless-looking), shoot me.

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