Screen Actors Guild Awards: TV Winners

I am a happy camper because two of my favorite shows, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Office” each won for best ensemble drama and comedy, respectively. And the reason that makes me happy is the hope that awards mean that my shows get to stay on the air, even though that isn’t always a foregone conclusion. (I’m currently pouring out a little bit for my homies on “Arrested Development” as I type this.) Isaiah Washington’s absence is pretty conspicuous, but it’s probably for the best, since awards shows seem to bring out the worst in him–well, maybe not as bad as Maria Menounos, but still pretty bad. “Grey’s” Chandra Wilson also won an award for her portrayal of Dr. Bailey on the show, and Hugh Laurie also won for his role as a doctor on “House.” In your face, ER.

As for comedy, America Ferrera won for “Ugly Betty,” giving her yet another trophy to add to her collection for the show. Alec Baldwin of “30 Rock” (who I still have trouble believing is closely related to a guy who starred in “Bio-Dome”) was awarded for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy.

Tis all. Until the next awards show!