Sad News for Lily Allen

January 17th, 2008 // 10 Comments

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Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage. The 22-year-old singer had just returned from a vacation in Maldives with her boyfriend, Ed Simons, of Chemical Brothers. The Sun reports, “The bad news has been really difficult for them to take and they are absolutely heartbroken.” After finding out that she was pregnant, Lily had made a commitment to changing her wild party lifestyle and was very optimistic about the idea of starting a family with her boyfriend. The source also added, “They are surrounded by friends and family are offering support. It is a really difficult time for them.”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Julie

    That is heartbreaking. It must be difficult to go through that in such a public way.

  2. sherrie

    that is awful. how sad :(

  3. JoGirl

    Poor thing! I’ve been through it, and it’s no picnic.

  4. Tere

    That is sad, but you cant just party like that and not expect your body to take the toll for it. You can’t just stop and make your body healthy in a couple of weeks. It’s a long process. I do feel sorry for her.

  5. AlliBaba1234

    How awful :(

  6. Sloane

    Really sad…

  7. I feel sad for her! Still she’s got to get through it. She’s only 22 and has a life ahead to make babies. She can start by getting married for now. :)

  8. Ms. Hall

    Does anyone know how far along was she?

  9. Granger

    Very sad. I don’t know how far along she was, but most miscarriages occur before the 3-month mark. (Some people can miscarry into the 5th month, but it’s much rarer — and I’m almost positive she wasn’t that far along.) That’s why the majority of people don’t tell anyone except family and very close friends before the end of that 3 month period.

    Which makes me wonder why she (or any other celeb) would make an early pregnancy public. They know that, should they lose the baby, papparazzi are going to be snapping their photos like crazy, so why would they put themselves out there like that????

  10. Because a pregnancy public announcement brings fame and fame comes along with money. Christina Aguilera and especially Jennifer Lopez preferred to keep everything in the family, just to be safe and sure.
    I don’t judge them, it’s their life, their family!

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