Sacha Baron Cohen Refuses To Cut Sex Scenes From ‘Bruno’

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has been traipsing all through Europe, promoting his latest film, Bruno in some very revealing outfits. But it’s the sex scenes in the comedy that have Cohen in hot water.

Bruno is getting slapped with explicit movie ratings in Great Britain as a result of graphic sex scenes featured in the film. But Sacha stands firm and will not budge on his decision to include them..

President of Universal Pictures International, David Kosse, thinks Cohen’s made the right gamble, despite the 18 rating from the British Board of Film Classification. “They requested cuts that were some of the funniest bits of the movie.”

God only knows ridiculousness is in the movie, considering the entertaining show we’re getting uncensored on the red carpet and in these pictures of the comedian as Bruno on the Spanish TV show El Hormiguero.

Gallery Info: Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno on the Spanish TV show El Hormiguero.