Sacha Baron Cohen’s Camel Ride

Sacha Baron Cohen is on the road again to shock and make audiences laugh both in the street as well as theaters. Seen above riding a camel through the streets of New York City, Cohen certainly has a flair for the dramatic. He has teamed up with director, Larry Charles,  who worked on Borat and Bruno along with the famed actor for this new project The Dictator. Other big names on the line-up include Ben Kingsley and Anna Faris.

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The film is adapted from an original novel titled Zabibah and The King written by none other than Saddam Hussein in 2000. A best seller in Iraq, the story tells of a commoner who carries on a romance with a ruler after her husband mistreats her and rapes her. The novel is supposedly an allegory with Hussein as the King, Iraq as the commoner and the husband as the United States troops. However, with the recent Cohen sightings, it doesn’t appear the film will relay the same message. Sascha has been seen all over filming antics for the upcoming movie and they look hilarious.