Sacha Baron Cohen, The Dictatorial Food Thief [PHOTOS]

Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind outlandish, controversial films such as 2006’s Borat and 2009’s Bruno is at it again.

This time, Baron Cohen is in New York City, running around in denim shorts and a pink t-shirt, stealing food from unsuspecting diners, and being tackled to the ground by a heroic waiter for his new film, The Dictator. Thankfully, all that action was captured on film.

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The Daily Mail reports that The Dictator “tells the story of a Hussein-like dictator who is secretly replaced by a lookalike goat herder,” and according to Paramount Pictures, this dictator “risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.”

The film, directed by Larry Charles, who also worked on Borat and Bruno, is set to be released in May of next year and will also feature stars Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley.

The Dictator’s plot is rumored to have been based on Saddam Hussein and his book, Zabibah and the King, though regardless, with Baron Cohen as one of the screenwriters and stars, it is bound to be the source of some contention.

What do you think of what we know so far about Baron Cohen’s new film? Will it be cringe-inducing, hilarious, or a little bit of both? Check out the photos and then share your thoughts with us by posting in the comments section below!