Kate Hudson’s Son Ryder In ‘The Hurt Wrist’

At Stella McCartney’s 2011 Spring Presentation, Kate Hudson explained to Entertainment Tonight why her son Ryder had a splint on his wrist when he showed up on the set of her movie, Something Borrowed, and it’s not from a scooter joyride like the one he took with mom yesterday (June 8).

“The bandage is an interesting subject because it’s more of like a cool thing,” Kate said. “He’s not hurt. It’s more like a prop for storytelling. He likes to make up really elaborate stories about how he hurt himself, which he didn’t do. And then he looks at me and he’s like, ‘See mom? They’re asking me about my splint. I’ve got a performer on my hands.”

Too bad mom’s blowing your cover on TV and messing up your game with the ladies.

Check out the video of the interview, where I’m guessing they served wine, and Naomi Watts starts eying her free clothing option.