Ryan Seacrest Doesn’t Know What He’s Saying On The Red Carpet

We’ll be seeing a lot of him this Sunday, so we figured this item about Ryan Seacrest being a Red Carpet wind-up robot doll when interviewing celebrities during awards ceremonies was particularly apt. He’s basically programmed to say “fantastic!” and “great!” and “awesome!” in 10-15 second intervals.

In an interview with UK’s Star he wasn’t anywhere near designer gowns, red carpets or cameras so he could be a bit more truthful when asked if he lies to celebrities:

“Yes – I live in Hollywood, I work for E! Have I ever lied on the red carpet – erm, yes, I have! Sometimes I find myself saying: ‘That looks…’ and sometimes
‘great’ comes out before I can process I’ve said it, or ‘fantastic’. And
then I watch it back – and it does look different on television – and
think that was not a ‘great’, that was a ‘less than great’.”

Does he know what he’s saying? No. Does he know who he’s talking to? No. But he’s there, and he’s gonna give it his best shot.

And he wonders why Angelina Jolie suddenly needs to be somewhere else whenever Ryan lunges at her with his microphone.

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