Ryan Seacrest Dissed AGAIN By Brangelina

February 23rd, 2009 // 27 Comments

On the red carpet for the Oscars last night, Ryan Seacrest thought that maybe it was a fluke that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt totally brushed past him at the Golden Globes earlier this year.

So, he figured he’d try and nab an interview with the Academy Award-nominated couple on the red carpet for the Oscars last night.

But when Seacrest approached the A-listers, Brad shrugged off the pocket-sized interviewer by saying, “I can’t. I can’t. I gotta get inside.” As for Angelina, you know she didn’t slow her stride. They did, however, stop and talk to Tim Gunn. But then again, wouldn’t you?

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. www.blahgirls.com

    I was loving the return to black with Angelina!

  2. you rock

    in what way did Brad snub mr. seacrest?

    he talked to him, he just had to hurry up cause everyone was going inside.
    this article is a FAIL
    kthx bye

  3. chimmy changa

    Wow..honestly who gives a crap?

  4. doug

    Who cares what they have to say anyways. All three should be unemployed they all suck.

  5. dEE

    Doug – too funny!
    Brangelina sucks. Ryan isn’t so bad.

  6. Jane

    She looked like a tranny prisoner with the barcode tatoo. Seacrest is the only one with the balls to talk trash about these two whores.

  7. Jilly

    It wouldn’t take an Einstein to figure out that Ryan Seacrest probably didn’t want to talk to these two in the first place due to the earlier diss. Since he’s paid to interview people on the red carpet, kudos to him for being a pro and attempting to do so.

    Brad and Angelina, on the other hand, are prime examples that money can’t buy class.

  8. SARAH


  9. Ismelrelda

    I watched most of the coverage and even the media coverage were yelping with unrestrained glee the moment Brangelina arrived! Like it or not, they are truly the undisputed King and Queen of Hollywood. I saw more than one of the announcers holler when they saw them arrive on the red carpet, the E! Announcers, the announcers from Fox News, I mean everyone. So there you have it. I know the Brangelina haters will yelp as well, but there is simply no disputing it.

    I loved the coverage and Angelina looked regal as ever and I loved her jewelery. Beautiful!

    I loved the format of the Oscars this year very good and Hugh Jackman, well, he was awesome!

  10. rosa

    They are the king and queen of Hollywood excess, self-involved, shallow individuals who gather to revel in their own sense of importance.

  11. Darci

    Ryan Seacrest is a TOTAL DOUCHE!! I wouldn’t talk to him either! I can’t figure out why people like him, Heidi and Spencer etc. are famous?? They are annoying as hell!!

  12. Ismelrelda

    I don’t usually respond to ignorance, but Rosa, I have to ask, why do you say that Brangelina are self involved, shallow individuals who gather to revel in their own sense of importance? It is very clear that isn’t true. Angelina has raised Brad’s level of consiousness to the point that he is actually not sitting on the sidelines watching other people give, he is actually doing something to give back, whatabout his green house project in St. Louis? And what about his work with the Sudan refugees? How do you equate that with shallowness? They are involved in the movie business that is their vocation, so part of their job is to show up at industry events and there is no bigger event than the Oscars. I assume you work, therefore when you show up at your “industry events” does that make you shallow and among self absorbed people-your work colleagues? I am just asking for clarity here.

  13. rosa

    Esmerelda, please pull your head out of Angelina’s ass before you start on about how wonderful she is. First, Brad has always had a sense of social consciousness. I equate it with shallowness because they do it for show and not from the heart. People who really give and want to help people don’t do it for praise. Everything they do is a “look at us we are so caring and giving.” And that my dear is as shallow as they come. Don’t try to use logic you are not equipped in that area. You know what they same about assumptions. You fit the mold baby.

  14. Ismelrelda

    Ah, Rosa, we see now where you are coming from. Excuse me, I don’t normally address people with vulgarity, most people resort to such when they have no intellect, that being the case, I will try to have a reasonable discussion with you about your hatred for Angelina. it almost rivals Jennifer’s. First of all, as a human being, I would not have my head in Angie’s posterior, that being said, I am sure Brad was pure of heart before he met Angelina, he just didn’t do anything about it. Angelina energized him on a level we never saw before. I am not putting anyone down here, I am just saying, sometimes people inspire people in different ways. Your hatred of Angelina excludes Brad when really Brad was the architect of all of this madness, but it amazes me why Angelina reaps the motherload of everyone’s hatred, so common of women to despise themselves, especially when presented with perfection, not my words, but paraphrased from Clint Eastwoods. All of that being said, you didn’t answer the question, if you work, do you not participate in work events, or are you too self absorbed in your own narcissism to realize it ain’t all about you? Hmmmm? It usually takes one to know one, so perhaps you see your own delusional concepts sprewing out. I spell my name with an “I” not an “E” if you can tear yourself away from yourself to see that.

    Au Revoir

  15. Imelrelda

    And Rosa, it is not their fault that people “praise” them for their good works. You are just jealous as hell of Angelina, most women are. Its called “self-hatred.” Why despise a woman who is obvious oblivous to what you or I say about how she chooses to define her life and the decisions she makes about her life? She could give a rats ass about what you or I think or feel. It is self hatred that propels you on this I hate Angelina trajectory. You really need to check yourself because you are projecting all of your self hatered venom on innocents. I don’t believe for a minute that Brangelina do what we conceive as their good works for outside praise. I do believe that Brad Pitt was transformed by Angelina. Is it so hard for you to get that a man could be transformed by a woman, so obvious on a different track then sitting by a pool sunning themselves with a manboy, trying to get over a relationship that they themselves contributed to the downfall of? Must she suffer perpetually for Brad and Jen’s follies? Just asking. I’m intrigued when we blame the woman instead of the man. There are so few of us females who are truly liberated out here, perhaps that is why I admire Angelina Jolie. However, within that admiration, I am sure she has feet of clay and that makes her even better in my eyes, somewhat the beauty of imperfection if you will.

  16. roxie

    Bragelina are two of the most stomach turning people on the face of the earth … not just in Hollywood.

  17. Ismelrelda

    Oh, Ok. That’s the best you could come up with. There, there now, get it all out of your system. I don’t know a better anti-Angelina serum than kvetching till your hatred is all out of your system. Perhaps when Jennifer marries her “man-boy” will make all you Angie haters feel optimally better. When she’s with man again, will Angie be forgiven then? Because of course, she searched and searched until she found another man who will ultimately turn on her again as she gazes up at him with those Nancy Reagan eyes. What a show for you guys.

  18. Nicky

    Brad Pitt and Angelina are annoying without adding the subject of Jennifer Aniston. Ismerelda do you work for Brad and Ange’s PR company or something because you can’t stop defending them and I don’t know why you bother. Like you said, it’s not like they read this crap. There will be people who like them and there will be people who dislike them. You can’t sway them either way. It’s their choice. Why do you always have to bring up Jennifer.? It’s the Branjelina pros you can’t get over the relationship with Jen and Brad. I think Jen has moved on. She has nothing to do with Brad and Ange anymore. She’s with her new boyfriend and she seems genuinely happy. Leave her out of your Branjelina tirades.

  19. Shasta

    Hmmm, I smell an unhealthy obsession with a celebrity brewing about.

  20. ann

    its high time we stopped dissing these stars they are as human as we are and will do something wrong but dat doesnt mean we should go all out and diss dem even though we are free to say whatever how would how does it feel when just a single person says mean things about you how much more half of usa its not dat peasant huh i think these presenters sometimes are a real pain in the butt.plus i dont think its brangelina”s fault dat everyone knows about thier generousity even when stars go shopping there is paparazzi

  21. Ismelrelda

    Nicky, no I don’t work for Brangelina. I began by simply commenting about the Oscars and how the media teams reporting were as excited as the fans to see them on the carpet. Then a rude comment was made about Brangelina and i was curious, so I asked but soon rrealized I was not communicating with a mature person. Rather, a a person who obviously is a Jennifer Anniston fan with most of the venom sprewing towards Angelina. As a woman, a mature woman, I find it interersting that Angeina reaps the hatred of so many woman for somethng she had no part in. I brought Jennifer up because the Angie haters always feel they have to hate on Angie as if she was the cause of that marriage breaking up and any mature woman knows that is not so. From what they’ve put out in the media, Brad made a decision and he acted on it. So why is Jennifer always praising Brad and knocking Angie? Angie wasn’t married to Jen. Brad was. I’m sorry, I just asked Rosa why she felt the need to sprew venom towards Jennifer Anniston and not Brad. That’s all. I do not feel that they put themselves out there for praise and when folk say that, I feel it is just plain jealousy. Just because people are obviously attractive and seem to have the world at their feet does not mean its so or they are not human. They are. I am sure they fight just like you and your mate fight and love and raise their kids and live. Angelina Jolie is one of the most “normal” human beings to me since she had children. Everything is not about hollywood and her career. She got it that there is a life outside of the tinsel town and Brad jumped on that bandwagon. I am sure he misses some aspects of he and Jennifer’s relationship, like he said and I thoght that was beautiful, there is history there that can never be erased. Jennifer should be greatful he is sensitive enough to recognize that, most men aren’t when they leave a woman and act real stupid. I just get tired of seeing “women” bash other “women” for their follies. Most women need to grow up…or not…Over and out.

  22. Lore

    Ismelrelda ITA with you. Very well said :)

  23. Nicky

    Don’t you realize that there are so many people out there who do a lot of charity work but they don’t shove it in your face like these two do. Angelina might say that all of the charity work she does adds value to her life but you can’t deny that it would add extra value to her life when it comes to her professional job. It softens her public image and improves her appeal at the box office so more people will go and see her movies. Did you know that Matt Damon is part of the H20 Africa Foundation helping the drought stricken African regions? Or that Ashley Judd and Salma Hayek travel to 3rd world countries to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and maternal and child health? Or even still that Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman also travel to 3rd world countries for UNICEF to end violence against women and also works to create a healthier environment for the children and their families in those countries. Most people wouldn’t know these things because they do it for themselves and not for the world to see how wonderful they are. This is the reason people find Brangelina so annoying. You get sick of seeing them in the public eye all the time.

  24. Diohlqei

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  26. Mashayla89

    Angelina Jolie is a confused trashy hooker. One minute she is banging Billy Bob Thorton in the back of a limo on the way to an award show, and the next she is high time classy and trying to save the planet. Bi polar slut. Brad Pitt is so dumb and obviously blind. Angelina sleeps with every co-star she has ever had. Period. These two had NO RIGHT to diss Ryan Seacrest.. He was just doing his job. Without people like Ryan or people like us, Angelina or Brad would be NOTHING. As for this Ismelrelda character.. I would bet you anything she is either Angelina or she knows her personally. C’mon.. you know celebs have to google their names and find articles like this about themselves.

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