Ryan Seacrest Doesn’t Answer Homosexual Question

UPDATED: It turns out he wasn’t even asked. The whole thing was a hoax. We will now have to fire our non-existant fact checker.

Craig Carton, a Trenton, New Jersey DJ had the balls to ask Ryan Seacrest what 95% of America has been wondering. Is he gay?

After a minute or two of niceties, Carton asked Seacrest whom he’d rather spend the night with, past “Idol” singers Clay Aiken or Kelly Clarkson.

Then, after Seacrest deflected the question by saying that both “Idol” personalities were very talented, Carton stopped mincing words.

“Ryan,” Carton said, “Are you gay?”


“Ryan, are you a homosexual?”

With that, Seacrest was headed for the door.

“I can’t stay here, man,” Seacrest said. “I gotta jet.”

The “American Idol” star stormed out of the studio and into the NJ-101.5 offices, but he was coaxed back into the studio with the understanding that the rest of the interview would center on the television show and not on his personal life.

You would have thought that the DJ would have let up, but no. They asked him again, and he was out the door for good. Then, for the remaining two hours of the show, they repeated the interview over and over. Who said radio was dead?

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