Ryan Reynolds Looking A Little Orange On ‘Green Lantern’ Set

We are guessing this is more a case of movie makeup than a Bradley Cooper red carpet faux pas.

While his wife Scarlett Johansson is probably happily cooking alone , Ryan Reynolds was shooting The Green Lantern with some orange skin in the New Orleans warehouse district on Monday (April 19).

Interestingly Ryan compared his new film to Iron Man last year and now Scarlett is in the Iron Man sequel.

The trailer for the over $200 million 3D movie is expected to debut at Comic Con in San Diego in July. (Will an action movie ever be anything but 3D again?) There’s no sign of the green costume in these shots but comicbookmovie.com reports the entire costume will “look just like the comic stories…like liquid. Like if someone threw a can of paint on him and it splashed around and covered him up. And it’s not solid colors really. More like the colors shift around subtly. It’s made of pure energy.” Can’t wait to see it. Also wouldn’t mind being left alone with Ryan and a can of paint now that that’s in my head.