Ryan Reynolds Definitely Doing Deadpool

All about the alliterations lately!

In a GQ interview, Ryan Reynolds told us what it was like to be married to busty babe, Scarlett Johannson.

Then he pointed out that he was an amazing actor when the teaser for Buried was released.

This time, he wants us to remember how good he looks in spandex… two times.

The actor has confirmed that he will not only slick on the green to play Green Lantern, but he is definitely in to reprise his role as Deadpool in the next X-Men movie.

How could he not? Reynolds described the Deadpool installment as a film that “goes in such a different direction than a superhero movie usually
goes.  It’s a nasty piece of work. It’s just based in so much emotional
filth, completely,” in an interview with Hero Complex.

We’d never expect Reynolds to go the traditional route when it comes to his superhero roles. After all, there’s nothing normal about that chiseled body of his.

But this time around, at the Exclusive Reception hosted by BlackBerry for Buried at TIFF
at Thomson Hotel on Sept. 14th in Toronto, Canada, Reynolds opted for the traditional suit.

He’s so appropriate. That’s why we love him.