Ryan Phillippe, Why So Serious?

August 17th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Ryan Phillippe didn’t seem to be having his best day on the set of his new film The Lincoln Lawyer in L.A. on Aug. 13, co-staring
Matthew McConaughey. Phillippe took a tumble before he even got into costume and then looked to be in a foul mood afterward. The actor barely cracked a smile as he threw himself into work. Maybe he has harder time laughing at himself than we do!  

By Lola Robertson

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  2. jack

    he was falling to rehearse for a stunt you dummy

  3. ItsPat

    What a bunch of ‘itches writing copy here. He was tumbling in rehearsal for a scene. And the serious face is because he’s in character for his role.

    Why don’t you just admit you just wanted an excuse to show his handsome face?

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