Ryan Phillippe Tries to be Slick with Jessica White

April 18th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

Ryan Phillippe, you suck at concealing… anything. Whether it be your abs – which we like; browsing and nervously purchasing your condoms – which we appreciate; or leaving an after hours club called “The Brigade” separate from Jessica White yet ending up in the same car… which we laugh at.

Maybe this is Phillippe’s form of Good Luck Chuck-type charity work?

He recently split from Abbie Cornish, who’s rising star is doing pretty well. And we all know before her, there was his marriage with the co-dependent Reese Witherspoon. So, did he hook up with Jessica White and add her to the list of lucky ladies?

If this relatively unknown model starts showing up more in entertainment news, then we know it’s not just the paparazzi who’s poking around on her turf. Eww…

By Samantha Eng

  1. Patsup

    He’s young and single. She’s hot; he’s hot. What’s the problem?

  2. The Illustrious One

    Since when does your rank in movies, decide what kind of men you date? and fairly unknown model? Did you google her name before you wrote that? VICTORIA SECRETS, The most sold and HIGHLY anticipated Sports Illustrated and her LUCRATIVE deal with MAYBELLINE. And so many Runway shows I don’t have time to name- POINT BLANK Her BEAUTIFUL FACE is everywhere, buy a Vogue any month- she is in it! INTERNATIONALLY. I understand you might be jealous (sounds like it in the first line) but getting mad at her, isn’t going to send him back to you or any of those other chicks. The ewww, sounds alot racist (I doubt you said that when he started out with this Abbie Cornish) but thanks for your two cents. As a working model in the industry I will let everyone know how you really feel, and how to stay away from this site. Just a bunch of HATERS–

    Happy Sunday!

  3. katiria

    I agree with u, The Illustrious One, its seems that the writer must do a search of Jessica,…whats with the ewww comment?!…..Im not even from the states and i totally know that she is a gorgeus well-know model. She deserves credit and respect…like any other model of victoriassecret…

  4. April

    Umm, did any of you actually READ the article? Blowing it Way out of proportion! I didn’t think it was a “diss”, just gossip. And the last line wasn’t dissing her, it was just meant for comic relief in my opinion. I love this site and I’ll continue to read it. Haters? HAHA

  5. April

    Blowing this WAY out of proportion ladies. If you actually READ the article, you can tell that the writer is NOT dissing anyone, just giving you the gossip like her JOB entails I’m sure! And re-read the last line, it’s not a diss on her! It’s comic relief on the act of sex itself! I’m sure the writer isn’t blind! The model is obviously gorgeous! No jealousy I read, just fun gossip. Good job writer!

  6. Cheryl

    I’m still trying to figure out what about he eww sounds racist. I can only imagine someone who could read racism into that must have a chip on their shoulder. I found it entertaining.

  7. cv

    Whether or not you hags want to admit it there were definitely some swipes taken at Jessica White.

    Yes she is successful and yes she is beautiful.

    “If this relatively unknown model starts showing up more in entertainment news, then we know it’s not just the paparazzi who’s poking around on her turf. Eww…”

    That lets the reader know that it is her ‘turf’ that is Ewww worthy. So please STFU and stop making excuses…

  8. The truth

    Why are you stupid other races so hard on black people? They can’t even compete, back in the ancient times, the only beautiful women that were described were black…it is only when racism started, that people of the world stopped telling the truth about blacks. Queen Nafertiti of Egypt (Ancient Kemet), she was Nubian meaning BLACK.

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