Ryan Phillippe Shirtless In Caribbean With Mystery Female

Thank goodness Ryan Phillippe has stepped up his shirtless frolicking lately since Matthew McConaguhey has seemingly dropped the ball.

Ryan was spotted taking a little swim in the ocean with a mystery brunette in the Caribbean yesterday. He also was seen hanging outside of his hotel jamming to some music on his headphones.

Ryan has been active on the dating hooking up scene since his split with Abbie Cornish. I wonder if this mystery brunette was the same mystery brunette that he was seen making out with at Drai’s Hollywood at the W Hotel to celebrate Victoria’s Secret’s What Is Sexy List?

The two spent the night snuggling in a booth outdoors. The actor and his mystery brunette stole kisses and held hands – and each other’s waists – in front of revelers. “He didn’t seem to be hiding his affections for his new lady at all,” an onlooker says, “and didn’t care that people were staring at them making out.”

As long as Ryan stays shirtless I could care less who he’s hooking up with.