Ryan Phillippe Mopes And Abbie Cornish Moves Out After Break Up

February 22nd, 2010 // Leave a Comment

I like starting off the week with solid confirmations

There has been a lot of speculation that Ryan Phllippe and Abbie Cornish called it quits and we’ve seen Phillippe out on his own lately and hitting the fashion week shows solo. It’s now official, with word from Cornish’s rep, that the couple have split.

Phillippe spent yesterday with his kids over at a friends house while Cornish packed up her things and moved out. He’s looking pretty bummed as Cornish’s rep confirmed it was Abbie who ended the relationship. No word on if there was any cheating involved, but people are curious since the couple’s meeting resulted in the dissolving of Phillippe’s marriage to Reese Witherspoon. Although things also seem to fall apart when his lady starts receiving award attention.  Hmmmm….

At least for Ryan’s sake he won’t have a doppelganger of Abbie around every day to remind him of the split.  Ava looks more like Reese all the time.  Deacon Phillippe is starting to resemble his pops, though, even sporting a matching outfit.

By Madison Ventura

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