Ryan Phillippe Charges At Paparazzi Once Again

June 7th, 2009 // 7 Comments

It was a typical day at the ballpark for Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend Abbie Cornish. They brought Ryan’s daughter Ava Phillippe to Deacon Phillippe‘s t-ball game. Things were going along swimmingly until Ryan got annoyed by the paparazzi attention.

Ryan watched and helped coach his son Deacon play in the t-ball game until he flipped out and charged after one of the paparazzi photographers in the stands! On lookers even seemed startled by Ryan’s abrupt and strange actions. I’m feeling a little bit of deja vu.

Gallery Info: Ryan Phillippe chases down the paparazzi.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. hal

    It doesn’t look like much of a charge. He has every right to be annoyed and to tell the people to leave his kids alone.

  2. Patsup

    I’m not surprised. Photogs should stay away from these kind of events. How annoying to try and be just another parent yet the paps keep snapping away with their loud clicking cameras. I’d love to know what that particular camera person was doing because from all the pictures of this event, Ryan was pretty tolerant.

  3. shardy

    yet ANOTHER “celebrity” going after the paps

    someone should tell these folks that if they
    do NOT want their picture taken in a public place

    perhaps they should not be involved
    in a profession that requires them to be filmed..


  4. To Shardy

    I’m glad you explained that to us. But let me see if I’ve gotten this right. You’re saying that once someone has made money acting in a film that they’ve signed off any and all rights to having a private life. Is that right? What an excellent notion. Think of the savings it could mean in the cost of porn production, for instance. We could just post a few cameras and a light crew in their bedrooms. I mean, what’s the difference in private vs. public anyhow?

  5. Greg

    These people are stalkers! The fact that someone has a camera does not give them the right to follow you wherever you go, getting in your face, blocking your car, menacing your children, or worse. These stalkers should be on public lists, just like sex offenders. Any celebrity who feels threatened by them should have the legal right to mace them or taser them to protect themselves. Remember, Princess Diana died because of these criminals. She probably won’t be the last one whose life is destroyed by these disturbed individuals.

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