Ryan Phillippe In Uniform

September 23rd, 2005 // 19 Comments

Simply delicious. Ryan is on the set of the film Flags of our Fathers.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tempy

    two words………….I WOULD…

    he is too tasty and I don’t know what he’s doing with cookie cutter Reese Witherspoon. He looks like he could do some damage.


  2. Nan Mora


  3. michelle


  4. IMarriedASailor

    He looks just like my husbbie in the uniform.. yummy!

  5. doofus

    tasty in the uniform.

    even tastier in the bathrobe!

  6. sputnik

    he’s the cookie-cutter blonde.

  7. ell

    He is sooooooooo freakin yummy!!!

  8. mischa


  9. Tracy

    excuse me… but I just creamed my jeans

  10. mimi

    I dont normally like blondes, but he is DREAMY

  11. Your Mom

    I think you could put a turd in a uniform and I’d drool. Most women would. Something about that uniform!

  12. twotoo

    He’s OK…

  13. girlganja

    I couldn’t help myself…I started singing “In the navy…”

  14. Hiss

    Cookie cutter I wish! If every guy looked like that I’d get nothing done.

  15. slfih234wer


  16. loola

    He is an uggly tart…………………….. to blonde to be true.

  17. nunya

    Damn, Looks at that fine ass rump of his! Wanna chomp on it and smack it!

  18. redecca

    we want to see ryan nude all the way man

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