Ryan Phillippe Vs. The Paparazzi

Ryan Phillippe has opened up about his relationship with the paparazzi and how it has affected his children, who have grown up in their parents’ collective spotlight. Ryan told British publication, The Times Magazine, that after the birth of his son Deacon, he realized that he needed to downplay the intrusion and because of that, his son doesn’t think much of being photographed.

However, Ryan has said that his first child, Ava, was born at a time when he felt very violated by the mass of photographers and he thinks that his strong reaction made her more aware that her childhood experience was different than that of most children, something he regrets. “It breaks my heart to think about it, hearing her say, ‘My friends at school saw a picture of me in a magazine and they made fun because I was carrying a blanket.'”

That does suck, but in a few years, I have a feeling her classmates might stop teasing when they realize that her dad is hot-ass, Ryan Phillippe.

Photos: FlynetOnilne.com

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Photos: FlynetOnilne.com