Ryan Phillippe Went To Boot Camp

Ryan Phillipe went through boot camp for his latest role in Stop-Loss. He plays a soldier who comes home from the war in Iraq only to find that he’s being shipped back. Ryan and all the other actors found a common bond.

“Initially, we got physically and emotionally ready with a boot camp at the beginning,” he says. “It gave us the opportunity to bond, like in the most sincere fashion. Ultimately the relationships we formed were what lent itself to truth in the film.”

I feel ya. I would have thought being married to the incredibly serious Reese Witherspoon would have been a similar experience to harsh military training but he’s obviously being a gentleman. Screw boot camp, fool around on her and then try and go home! I’d rather be in a foxhole trapped under the dead bodies of my comrades than face that Gorgon!

Photos: Getty Images