Ryan Phillippe Takes Walking Very Seriously

May 15th, 2006 // 7 Comments

What is on Ryan Phillippe‘s mind? He’s looking so intense, and slightly upset. It could be because he knows that he’s been photographed while doing something as mundane as walking, or it could be because he’s mulling over why Reese decided to give her criminally inclined brother a job.

Reese Witherspoon is so determined to forgive her brother John – who has just completed two years’ probation for sexual assault – she has given him a job. The actress believes employing him as her assistant on the set of new movie “Our Family Trouble” is the perfect way to help him move on.

But Witherspoon’s husband Ryan Phillippe is reportedly not so sure. A friend of Witherspoon says, “Ryan is seething. He doesn’t like John.”

John Witherspoon pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and sexual battery after his arrest in 2002. He was accused of sneaking into a neighbor’s house and drunkenly molesting her as she slept.

More photos of Ryan Phillippe serious walk, after the jump.

Reese Witherspoon Gives Brother a Job Despite Ryan Phillippe’s Disapproval [Starpulse]

(Images via lime-light.org)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. las

    Well, who can blame him for feeling that way?

  2. Uhm, Yeah

    What are those, man boobs? He’s fat and NASTY.

  3. Me

    Come on guys- the ads on this site are getting gross!!!

  4. L

    I live in nashville and have to say The “burglary” ordeal is so laughed at here by people who know him bc the media made such a big deal of it. The poor guy was out with friends and after lots of cocktails went to his girlfriends house and in a drunk state of mind knocked on the next door neighbors house instead of hers. Come on, we’ve all even done something like that sober! He then went in when she didn’t come to the door and went to the bedroom and from what I heard passed out. The houses all look very similar and are old and can have the same floor plans. It’s so stupid the media never told his side of the story and the women who filed the charges is only after money or attention bc she knows who he is. His intentions were never to steal or harm anyone. Give the guy a break!

  5. STL

    To Uhm, Yeah -

    Sweetie, those are called pecs, not man boobs. Fat? Really now…

  6. So Ryan Phillippe gets his footwear off of dozing homeless men. But at least the t-shirt is nice and clean.

  7. Marcus

    What’s on his mind?

    “Hmmmm… Why are these guys following me and taking pictures? Is it THAT interesting? Get a f***ing life!”

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