Ryan Phillipe Can’t Get Enough Jersey Shore

Famous for his dark hottie roles like in Cruel Intentions, it wouldn’t seem like Ryan Phillipe would have a funny bone. But in a recent interview with Women’s Health (hot off the heels of nabbing the Men’s Health cover!) the newly-single star opened up about his comedic side, filming the new movie MacGruber with some of the SNL cast…and his guilty pleasure, Jersey Shore!

“I was really into MTV’s Jersey Shore. Oh my God. I got really
obsessed,” Phillipe says. “I would count down until the next episode–literally, like, ‘OK, four more days….; I was that into it.” Can you just try to imagine Ryan with his deep stare, pensively watching JERSEY SHORE?!

“I’m from the East Coast
and I knew guys like that growing up, so it was fascinating. I could
relate to it in some strange way. The most entertaining character is
The Situation: There’s so much insecurity going on there. But we don’t
need to analyze the cast!” Ah there it is Ryan. You can’t keep from going serious on us for too long.