Ryan Phillippe to Star in “Studio 55: Electric Boogaloo”

Poor Ryan P. was not recognized the other night while trying to get into LA hot spot Ritual. From People.com :

But a source tells us: “He showed up alone and wasn’t let in at first because no one recognized him with his beard.” So, the resourceful actor called one of his friends, already inside, who, the source says, “had to tell the doorman who [Phillippe] was.”

A beard? Really Ryan? Really? It’s probably for a part or whatever, but can’t you just wear a fake one. No one wants to see you out and about looking like Santa. Yes, I imagine it was a huge white old man beard, that he was fat and wearing all red. Seriously though this is probably a good sign that you need to work more. Your last movie was actually damn good but no one saw it. My suggestion “Studio 55: Electric Boogaloo.” There was something about your sweaty, glittered body dancing alone in a packed Studio 54 that got us movie going public where we needed to go.

I’ll dance with you Ryan, you don’t need to be alone any longer. I’ll dance with you all night long. Sorry, I got lost in my own head for a minute.