Ryan Kwanten Talks Jason Stackhouse From ‘True Blood’ Season 2

The finale for the second season of HBO’s vampire series, True Blood, is right around the corner and one of its major stars, Ryan Kwanten is hyping it as “the amalgamation of pretty much the entire season.”

The 32-year-old actor is obviously well-known for obligingly popping off his shirt and pants when his role requires it, but claims his physique isn’t the result of grueling workout sessions.

According to Kwanten, “I don’t have trainers or anything like that…I just pretty much keep myself on my toes and try not to get bored. I probably do an hour every day.”

As for whether or not there’s a lucky lady in his life, Ryan says he’s single, but not exactly ready to mingle. “Unfortunately, I just can’t devote enormous amount of time to women right now. I’m concentrated right now on working but I like a woman who’s not afraid to be herself.”

You hear that ladies? If you can wow Ryan with your authenticity, he might find a way to squeeze you into his busy schedule…and tight pants.

Gallery Info: Ryan Kwanten for the second season of True Blood on HBO.