Ryan Gosling Tells It Like It Is

Ryan Gosling has always been known just as much for his quirky roles as his quirky behavior.  He made no mistake about letting one reporter know he was taking the questions too far at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of Blue Valentine yesterday.

One wayward reporter began asking uncouth questions while Gosling was hanging out with his 6-year-old co-star who plays his daughter in the film. After asking what Gosling’s mom thinks about him taking women home, he snapped back “You’re going to ask an untoward question with a kid here?” Then Gosling, pictured arriving at LAX the same day, gave the reporter a dirty look and said bluntly “we should not have this conversation.”

It’s hard to believe that with all the buzz about this movie that anyone cares what Ryan Gosling’s mom thinks. But still, with all the Oscar-talk surrounding the film, will Ryan be able to cope with the amped-up spotlight?