Ryan Gosling Talks ‘Blue Valentine’

Ryan Gosling made it to Toronto Film Festival to promote his latest film, Blue Valentine, co-starring Michelle Williams.  Gosling (snapped at the premiere posing with fans yesterday) talked to TheStar.com about the emotional hold the film had over him. 

From what I’ve read, Blue Valentine seems like the type of film to really rattle your core beliefs, much like Revolutionary Road did.  Gosling plays Dean, who is more like a traditional wife while Williams is more like a husband.  Dean spends all of his energy and love on his wife and daughter, but it’s not enough.

He has no need for anything outside of that, doesn’t desire or yearn
for anything else. And even though that’s a beautiful idea, I think,
practically, being in a relationship with somebody whose life is just
being with their partner can be boring and claustrophobic.

I think I smell an Oscar nod or two…