Ryan Gosling Happy To Be At Cannes With A Good Movie

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were both very proud to present their film Blue Valentine at Cannes, which has been greeted with rave reviews after being 12 years in the making. Director Derek Cianfrance waited years until the right moment presented itself to make the powerful domestic drama. But for Gosling, pictured arriving back in Los Angeles yesterday, it was worth the wait.

He came to Cannes in 2002 with the Sandra Bullock movie Murder
by Numbers. “It was pretty bad. It was tough
to come to Cannes with a bad movie. It’s nice to be here with one you

Cianfrance worked on the movie for years, waiting for the perfect draft and cast before making the film which first premiered at Sundance.

“I wrote 67 drafts over the years, and that was one of the reasons why I
didn’t make the film,” he said.

Additional setbacks with scheduling pushed the film back. Heath Ledger’s death in 2008 put filming on hold for Williams.

But Cianfrance says the final product is a labor of love: “I probably wasn’t ready
to make the film until now.”