Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, And Their Sexy Scenes Are At Cannes

Who else thought this was a picture of Carey Mulligan replacing Shia LaBeouf with a Gucci model?

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are looking good at their photocall for Blue Valentine in Cannes today (May 18). Is it just me or does Ryan keep getting hotter?

I’m torn on seeing this movie, though. One the one hand he looks like this, on the other hand it’s about a dissolving marriage which sounds depressing. But then there’s the much hyped sex scenes. Maybe I’ll do the opposite of Gosling’s mom and play my ipod during the serious stuff.

Although this clip of the two during their happy years if awfully cute. I’ll be upfront, it cuts off right before the good stuff, but you’ll enjoy this sweet scene between the two on screen lovebirds.

Check out the clip of the movie after the jump.