Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough Get Kissy In St. Barts [PHOTOS]

Julianne Hough
The star donned another bikini earlier on January 5th.
Does it still boggle anyone else’s mind that Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough are a couple?

They’ve been together long enough to where I should be used to it, but for some reason it still always amuses me. The lovely–and very blonde–couple has been enjoying their post-New Years Eve vacation in St. Barts.

Really though, would’t you enjoy it too if you were on the beach with them and their swimsuits? It wasn’t just all about the swimming though. Nope! Ryan and Julianne decided to show off some classic couple PDA. 

Those two are adorable. Also, is Ryan trying to cover their kiss from the paparazzi with his hand out like that? Cause my friend, it for sure did not work. If you want to hide it, do it inside!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the happy couple being cute. Think they two of them will be walking down the aisle anytime soon? If they do, I hope they make a reality show about it!