Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Heidi Klum, And More Celebs Love Make-Up [PHOTOS]

Mila Is Makeup Free
Mila goes for a natural look.
More and more celebs are joining the make-up free movement but what would celebrities be without a team of talented make-up artists and stylists? They need to be looking their best at all times, especially on set and with paparazzi lurking at every turn. And that’s why most celebs love make-up and have a blast experimenting with it. It’s not just for women either, these A-list men are going to great length to ensure that they are camera ready.

From lip-gloss to cover-up, now a days make-up is not gender specific. More and more men are using make-up to be sure they look picture perfect. Can you really blame them? Hollywood is all about appearances and by looking their best they will definitely receive better feedback. And in my opinion, these men and women are using make-up to their advantage. Plus, make-up can be a way to completely change your look or even play an alien from outer space. These celebs have fun with make-up and now the importance of it!

Take a look at the gallery for some make-up moments with your favorite celebrities.