Ryan Reynolds Voted Perfect Celebrity Boyfriend For Pippa Middleton

Yes friends, there was a poll about this. I love humanity. Looks like the people of the world think that Ryan Reynolds would make the perfect celebrity boyfriend for perfect non-royal Pippa Middleton. Ryan came in first in the Parade Magazine poll beating out actors like Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson and more.

Sadly this is one dream couple that will have remain in our dreams. Pippa is super serious with boyfriend Alex Loudon. The pair, who are absolutely adorable and the only couple who are allowed to show PDA (in my opinion), have been together for quite some time. In fact, Pippa recently moved some of her stuff over to Alex’s place and was given a key to his apartment.

PHOTOS: Pippa Middleton Looking Great, Spotted With Mystery Man

Ryan, on the other hand, has recently been linked to Sandra Bullock. Although that seems to have just been about the cartoon they’re working on. Sad facts indeed. Ryan was recently spotted on the Boston set of his new film R.I.P.D. with co-star Jeff Bridges (photos in the gallery!). You know, the one about fighting zombies!

What do you think of Ryan and Pippa? Would they have been perfect? Think another celebrity would be better for Pippa and her bum that everyone wants? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!