Ryan Reynolds Visits Letterman, Recalls Fisticuffs In Amsterdam [PHOTOS]

Reynolds Covers 'Details'
The star posed for the July 2011 issue.
Safe House star Ryan Reynolds, who appeared on last night’s Late Night With David Letterman in New York City, recently regaled MTV News (via Contact Music) with tales from yore.

“I was in Amsterdam and I was probably about 20. People can wander around a little affected there, and this guy was on something funny and he just came at me,” Reynolds explained.

“It was all a blur. I ended up in this quick little brawl and then it was over. Then the next thing I knew the police were escorting me to the train station and asking me to leave.”

Now, before you get all judgy about a 20-year-old Reynolds hopped up on God-knows-what, you must believe that Amsterdam’s finest was only looking out for the young Canadian.”Not because I was in trouble, but because they thought, ‘If this guy sees you again, he’s going to stab you.’ I was escorted off the city limits.”