Ryan Reynolds shows off amazing six-pack underneath ‘Deadpool’ costume

Damn. Deadpool is ripped!

Ryan Reynolds has been getting in shape for the anticipated sequel, and his personal trainer Don Saladino shared a revealing photo of the kind of shape he’s in at the moment. The photo shows a bloody Reynolds from the waist up, and Saladino also threw the gauntlet down to Josh Brolin’s Cable to boot.

The caption reads, “@joshbrolin, you still have some work to do. Check out Men’s Health’s interview with @vancityreynolds talking about his preparation for Deadpool 2 (link in bio). Loved being able to tag along for the ride and watch this guy put the work in. Are you guys pumped for #deadpool2?”

In his recent Men’s Health cover interview, the star revealed he’s not exactly a morning person when it comes to working out.

“[Don] has programs that I can access online because when I’m shooting, my hours are so erratic. I don’t want to have to meet somebody at 4 in the morning in a dark gym. I just want to go when I can go,” he said.

Whatever you’ve been doing Ryan, keep it up.

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