Ryan Reynolds Shows Off A Sexy, Bespectacled Look On The Set Of His New Movie ‘Woman In Gold’

Ryan Reynolds Sans Shirt
Ryan Reynolds takes it off for Entertainment Weekly.
Every since I realized just how sexy Ryan Reynolds is when he showed up at the Cannes Film Festival, I haven’t gotten too many chances to write about him.

But that all changed today when we got our first look at Ryan and co-star Helen Mirren on the set of Woman in Gold in Los Angeles. Sadly the glasses he wore today weren’t the same, super thick ones he wore at Cannes, but I’m not complaining.

Also, Ryan has been on a movie making roll. 

I feel like he was just shooting that movie with Sienna Miller in New Orleans. (But actually if we want to talk about movie making roll, Sienna Miller is suddenly in everything.)

Ryan’s latest flick, Woman in Gold, tells the true story of Maria Altmann, a Jewish refugee who sued the government of Austria to reclaim artwork stolen from her family during World War II. Ryan plays her lawyer, Randol Schoenberg, so I expect plenty of courtroom drama from him. Also, Tatiana Maslany plays a young Helen Mirren. She might not have an Emmy nod, but she’s playing a young goddess.

Obviously I will be seeing this movie and obviously I will enjoy it more cause Ryan is very attractive. Launch the gallery to check out our first look at the filming today. I can’t decide if I like him more with regular glasses or sunglasses. Tell me which you prefer in the comments.