Ryan Reynolds Joins The ‘R.I.P.D.’

Now this might just be the greatest zombie movie in recent years. Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges were spotted in Boston shooting scenes for their newest film R.I.P.D. The film follows Ryan’s character, a recently killed police officer who joins a group of undead cops in order to find his killer.

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Come on, that sounds pretty awesome. I can’t quite tell what kind of scene they were filming, but I can tell that Jeff still looks like he should be in a western. Not that I mind in the least. Ryan looked super hot set. I mean, he looks super hot all the time. If I were Sandra Bullock I’d be honored to have a rumor floating around about having his baby.

R.I.P.D. isn’t Ryan’s only activity at the moment. It was just revealed that he’ll be the new face of the Autograph brand in Marks and Spencer. You know what that means? More model shots of Ryan! Yay!

Check out the gallery for all the pics from the shoot. It’s actually fantastic. Also, I really need to see this movie to understand exactly what it’s about. Like, what’s an undead police force? Don’t the undead eat people? So many questions! Leave your own questions and answers in the comments!